Where are you located?

A.I live in Mesa Arizona, but can travel throughout the Phoenix Metro Area. This is a big town, and I'm happy to come to you. I grew up in Scottsdale and feel like the entire Phoenix Metro area is home.

Does my dog need to be trained?

A.Well, no, but it helps! Remember, the photos we get are a fraction of a second-so even if your dog won't stay for more than a few seconds sometimes all we need is 1/500th of a second!

How many dogs can I have at the photo shoot?

A.Great question! How many dogs do you have?? The session fee is for the session, it's not per dog. For example, if you book me and you have 5 dogs the session fee is still the same. The dogs must be from the same household though-We need them relaxed and familiar with each other for the best results.

Who can join us at the photoshoot?

A.For me I like to stick to a 1:1 ratio of dog to person. If you have 2 dogs, and want individual photos of each dog it helps to have one handler per dog. One handler per dog isn't necessary-we can make it work with a 2:1 dog/human ratio. What we want to avoid is 1:4. One dog to four humans means our model will be paying attention to everyone BUT the person with a camera. Give me a call and we can discuss further.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

A.Most of the time, yes. Here in AZ we are limited by time of day and temperature. So, if its nice, and the light is gorgeous, and our dog models
are comfortable we can go as long as it takes.

What kind of gear do you use?

A.My camera body is a full frame professional mirrorless digital camera. I have a variety of lenses, but primarily I love my 85mm and my 50mm lenses. I do have longer lenses and wider angles, but 80% of the time I typically use the 85 and 55.

What if I want wall art but also want prints for an album?

A.That would be wonderful! We can work together and create an album or add images to an existing collection.

What's the deal with small social media size files?

A.I'm glad you asked! Here is my best attempt at a quick explainer for why I make a distinction between full size files and social media size files-and why I even provide them to you. The social channels we all use are inundated with images all day long. These images are compressed by whatever platform you use. The socials need to limit how much space is taken up by their users, so compressing images is necessary for them. I want your images to be beautiful no matter where you show them off. If you were to upload a full sized file from me, odds are the compression will make it look...not very good. Some of my file sizes are too large to upload to social media. All my images you see on my instagram have been resized and sharpened with intention, and knowledge of where they will be viewed. You can print a small size file-but it's not going to look great above maybe a 5x7 print. And-let's be honest - that is not what either of us want.

What about leashes?

A.What about them? I can make them disappear! All kidding aside, I prefer your dog stay on a leash if we are not in an enclosed space. It is just safer for all involved. If we do the shoot inside they can be off leash, but keeping your pet on a leash can help us with posing, positioning, and sometimes it helps keep our model super excited and happy.

I have an elderly dog and I don't think we can go very far-can you work with us at home?

A.Absolutely I can come to you and take photos of your elderly pup where they are most happy-at home and next to you, or in their favorite snoozing spot.

I see you go to peoples homes for elderly dogs, but what if it is just REALLY hot outside can we opt for inside anyway?

A.I absolutely understand, it is AZ after all. It's hot. We don't want burned paw pads. I am very comfortable taking photos inside-we just need good light. I rely on natural light, but if needed we can add some additional light to make photos. The photo shoot at home isn't only reserved for elderly dogs, I enjoy making true to life/lifestyle photos of all dogs.

Would you take a photo of me with my dog?

A.Of course, I would love to. I often wish I had good photos of me with my first two dogs, and I would love to help you preserve the memory of your bond and friendship with your beloved pooch.