from raw file to finished edit

In many of my images I strive to create striking connection between the viewer and the subject of the photograph. Some other images have the feeling of the subject being observed by the viewer with no visual connection through gaze. However all of my edited images are large with the intention of printing as art for your home. For example, the first image below is my dog Whiskey next to the tree. If this is printed at 1:1 the paper size would be 33 inches wide by 22 inches high. We could easily double the image size in printed form and still have a beautiful image.

I'd like to show you what I can do, what I can create with you and your companion-here are a couple examples of a RAW file straight out of the camera and the finished edit. This is where hiring a photographer makes the difference. I am aware we all have great cameras in our pockets (thanks Google pixel and iPhones!) but the real magic comes when you take an image as a RAW file and put it in the hands of an artist who knows how to wrangle pixels, shape light, or shift colors.

RAW unedited image, 35mm 1/160s f1.8 ISO1250 (click to open in a Lightbox to see larger image)

final edit, another image where I combined 2 photos to create the final image.(click to open in a Lightbox to see larger image)

RAW unedited image, 85mm f2.2, 1/500s iso400. (click to open in a Lightbox to see larger image)

Fully edited image, I combined 2 photos to make the final image. while shooting I knew I was too close with the 85mm to get the whole scene so I took extra shots to build up the image in post.(click to open in a Lightbox to see larger image)

RAW file with no edits. 135mm lens, 1/500s f1.8 ISO800. This image was shot indoors with available light from a door to camera right about 5 feet away. I wanted to create a studio portrait feel despite this being taken in a home.

final edit. You can see I expanded the image width and cropped off the lower portion, and also changed the background as well as cleaned up the tear stains a little bit without making the dog unrecognizable to its owner.

RAW image 1: 85mm 1/250s f2.8 ISO200. I loved the expression but I was standing very close to my subject.I quickly snapped some extra photos of the area to build out a composite/panorama photo while editing.

RAW image 2: 85mm 1/250s f2.8 ISO 200. I used this image to create a more pleasing final photo of a very cute boy relaxing in his yard.

Final Edit: Two images combined and color and light changed to create an overall happy relaxed feeling.